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About the Gardens


Benjamin Rush Community Garden is one of the largest community gardens in the world, with over 11 acres set aside for Philadelphians to grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Named in honor of the colonial physician and founding father, the community garden is located in the far northeastern corner of Philadelphia – the former site of the Benjamin Rush's Byberry estate.

In addition to having the gardeners grow food for themselves, many gardeners grow food that is donated to food banks throughout the Philadelphia area.

No structures allowed
Comfort station and running water available on site.

We are Organic


We are an organic garden and use natural methods of weed control and growing techniques.  Since we are guests of the State Parks System, we are governed by the State Parks Rules and Regulations first and foremost.  Rules for gardening are listed on the site and can be referenced in the above toolbar.  Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the garden Committee.  A general meeting is held mid summer 

to discuss any issues.

Our Staff


 President:   Ron Huber

Vice president:  Jim Smith

Treasurer: Dana Tabor  

Secretary:  Dot Borton

Garden Coordinator:  

Kelly Smith

Row Captains: 

Who We Are


Benjamin Rush Gardens-Your Very Own Farm to Table

Have you ever been interested in growing your own produce?  Haven’t had the time or don’t know where to start?  Benjamin Rush Gardens can offer you the start you have been looking for.  Community gardening is a great way to be active, learn a new craft, and see results that will not only provide a sense of accomplishment but a healthier lifestyle.  If you are new to gardening, don’t be worried; BRGA prides itself on a unified atmosphere.  Neighboring gardeners and other garden experts are always available to assist a newcomer. 

Benjamin Rush Garden Association boasts a variety of produce from a variety of people throughout Philadelphia,Bucks County, Montgomery County, and New Jersey.  Emphasizing community, everyone who leases a plot of land also contributes volunteer hours to maintain their own plot as well as any unused plots.  By maintaining your land and keeping the 11 acres of plot clean, your family and friends can enjoy the atmosphere in other ways than just gardening.  Plot owners are more than welcome to use their land to host friends, family, and pets.  This is where having a garden in a state park is extremely beneficial.  Not only can you provide your family with healthy “homegrown” food, utilizing all of Benjamin Rush Park will definitely enhance your entire gardening experience.

For a nominal one-time membership fee of thirty dollars plus a plot fee of thirty five dollars per plot, anyone can reserve their own plot and start the growing process.  Each individual plot is 30ft x 30ft. Get out  here and grow! 

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